S.6A Annie Cheung

Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your article about local job opportunities for the disabled dated 20th October, 2017.

I would like to share my experience of working with people with disabilities. In the office, some of my colleagues are disabled people. Before working with them, I did think they were burdens to the society: not contributing but getting assistance from the government. However, I changed my perception after we became colleagues.

My colleagues are unable to move as freely as we do. Sometimes, they need others’ help. For example, when they dropped something on the floor. Although it is difficult for them to do something, they still try hard to complete their work. After working with them for some time, I understand more about them. They are physically different from us but we share the same thoughts on many things.

Many disabled people are willing to make a living by themselves, I think it is important for our society to accept them and provide them a job opportunity.

Hong Kong is a city that can show tolerance to everyone. The rights of its citizens including the ethnic minority and disabled people are protected by law. Therefore, companies and employers should provide an equal opportunity to every applicant. If employers do not hire disabled people because of their disabilities, they should be charged.

Moreover, offering a job opportunity to the disabled means giving them a chance to develop their own career. In Hong Kong, many disabled people are forced to rely on government’s assistance because no one hire them. Yet some of them are keen to work and earn a living by themselves.

What’s more, as it is hard for disabled people to get a job, they cherish their job very much. An abled person might change his/her job often just because they do not like the job. But it seldom happens on disabled employees. Most of them are loyal to their employers and company.

Finally, hiring disabled people can bring happiness to the office. Although they face difficulties in their life, disabled people usually think positively. They often share their own life experience with others. It encourages people around them and make them more optimistic.

I would suggest giving a chance to the disabled people. Let them integrate into the society and we can find out more about them.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Wong