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Secondary 1 – 6 courses listed as follow:





Primary 1 – 6 courses listed as follow:





A NET’s lesson

Students engaged in English Day’s activities



Remedial Classes

Remedial classes were established for cognitively challenged students. There are a total of 3 classes. The curriculum follows the basis of EDB Curriculum Guide for Students with Intellectual Disabilities and are tailored made according to students’ needs. The goal is to have students develop a positive attitude towards learning and to develop social and practical life skills for future endeavours.  Under a safe and stimulating environment, we hope the students can become an independent and cooperative member of the society. Course design and practice are carried out by numerous professional members. Courses included are:




Special Class A’s students guided visit cum planting activity at Kowloon Park

Integrated Science teacher uses a human anatomy model to teach students about the human anatomy


Teachers and Physiotherapists guiding students in PE activities

Special Class C’s students percussion performance during Special Classes’ birthday party.