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Our school's programs and activities are diversified to cater for the needs of students with different abilities. We create space for students and we provide appropriate support to allow its potential to be developed at its fullest extent. Our school emphasizes on students’ personal growth and moral educations. We want students to overcome their physical limitations, to breakthrough barriers, to have a better understanding of themselves and to challenge themselves.


Our school has organized a number of school-based award scheme and diversified activities (for example: "I Can Do It Award Scheme", "Who I Am Makes a Difference Award Scheme" and "Wednesday Talent Show"). We strive to obtain the maximum benefits of students in learning and in treatment. The school actively provides experiential learning and allocates resources to enable students to participate in in-school and extracurricular activities to broaden their aspects of life. Our school’s students actively participate in competitions that are organized for mainstream students and they have repeatedly made outstanding achievements. Many sports elite from our school have represented Hong Kong to participate in international competitions and have made outstanding achievements.



Provide diversifying activities for students to develop their full potential.