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Professional Development and Promotion of Service

Speech Therapy Department provides continuous professional supports to the parents, staff of school and the boarding session. Speech therapists invite parents, caregivers, and houseparent to observe therapy sessions. Training goals areexplained and skills are demonstrated so that the parents and caretakers understand what the students are learning and are able to assist them acquiring specific skills. Speech Therapy Department also organizes seminars and workshops regularly to enhance understanding of students’ communication problems and the ways to assist in effective communication. 

Speech Therapy Department takes active role in collaboration with other organizations, which includes referral of students for further assessments in hospitals or rehab organizations. Our speech therapists also actively participated in professional sharing and promotion of speech therapy services to the public.



Talks and workshops for school staff and parents


Promote use of sign language



Professional sharing with therapists and scholars from different organizations


Introduce and promote speech therapy services to the public