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PAS' Service List

  • Number of Class: 22
  • Class Level: Primary and Secondary Class: P.1 to S.6 following the mainstream and/or adapted school-based curriculum
  • Remedial Class: Special Classes provided for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Average Class Capacity: 10
  • Age Range of students: 6 to 20 years old

School Hours

From 8:45 AM to 3:35 PM


The school has developed multi-faceted curricula for a diverse range of physical and intellectual abilities and multiple disabilities.  These cover the ordinary primary and secondary school curricula which focus on the development of languages and self-learning and independent living skills.  In the special curricula for student with multiple learning difficulties, a trans-disciplinary approach based on the principles of conductive education is adopted for some classes to acquire functional skills.  In recent years, the school has been offering Other Learning Experience (OLE) to match the development of Senior Secondary Education which provides formal training to enhance students' physical and aesthetic development.  It also incorporates moral, national and civic education in formal programmes to ensure students' personal development being well-balanced through experiential learning.  


Extra-curricular Activities

Sports Day, Games Day, Ball Games, School Picnic, Percussion Band, Chinese Musical Instrument such as Yangqin, Erwu and Drums, Red Cross Youth Group, Cub Scouts and Grasshoppers, Flag Day, Gardening, School Music and Speech Festival, Sister School Programme, Aesthetic Groups and Various Visits and Competitions, etc.