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The Concept of Sustainable Development

In 1987, the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) published the Brundtland Report, which laid the definition of sustainable development:
Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”
“Our Common Future” by United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development
Reference: https://www.edb.gov.hk/tc/curriculum-development/4-key-tasks/moral-civic/Newwebsite/flash/ESD/definition.html

"Sustainable development" is divided into three areas, including environment, economic and social sustainable development. Each area can be developed independently, but they could affect each other. For example, like the recent flooding in Thailand was caused by torrential rains. The flooding led to great economy losses and also aroused hygienic issues affecting the health of residents. The environment can have great influence and impact in the society and economics’ development. So the aim of sustainable development is to develop all three aspects on a balance scale; thus, providing the best for human’s well-being. 
According to the concept mentioned, our school’s sustainable development committee is committed to promote the importance of sustainable development to all staffs and parents. We work to make improvements in our environment to take part in conserving the earth.

2013 – 2014 Sustainable Development’s Tasks
Concerns of the year:

  • To create a green culture with a green lifestyle

   Work plans for the year:
Organic Farming

  • Have ongoing planting activities in the school's garden
  • Have the extracurricular activity's gardening group carry out organic planting
  • Have the PTA organize organic farming workshops for parents
  • Participate in Leisure and Cultural Services Department's “One Person, One Flower Competition – Impatiens hawkeri”
  • Participate in Leisure and Cultural Services Department's plan in greening school
  • Apply for “Parknshop's Green School Funding” to carry out greening school

School's Sanitation

  • Our school's securities patrol the school regularly to ensure the school’s safety and sanitation

Reduce usage

  • Have waste disposal classification, find recyclers to recycle waste regularly and modify furniture
  • Reduce paper usage by performing double-sided printing for students’ worksheets, examination papers and circulating documents

Energy conservation

  • Turn off the lights for half an hour during lunch time every day
  • Completed application for energy conservation projects from “Environment Fund.” The project plans are: 1) to affix window insulation film in all first floor’s classrooms and special rooms which face towards the east and west side of the building and 2) to replace the emergency exit lights with LED to conserve power
  • Replace all rooms and hallways’ light with T5 fluorescent tubes to reduce power consumption

Environmental friendly eating habits

  • Do not use disposable utensils. Eat more vegetables and less meat
  • Organize Fruit Day to encourage students to eat more fruits

Green Program

Environmental Booth Games

One Person, One Flower Competition – Cosmos

Visiting Tai Tong Lai-Chee Orchard


    • To learn relevant materials about environmental protection through General Studies and Liberal Studies
    • Organize the latest and hottest environmental topics or related activities and workshops for students, staff, and parents to be aware of the newest environmental information (See Picture 1 and 2)
    • To elect 1 – 2 students per class as the environmental ambassador to be responsible of the classroom’s  energy conservation, waste recycling, and planting tasks
    • Train environmental ambassadors to strengthen their environmental knowledge and awareness
    • Organize booth games to enhance students’ awareness of environmental protection
    • On Sports Day and ceremony, use recyclable materials to avoid waste
    • In first and second term, publish the latest and hottest green themed posters to bring out the message of environmental protection
    • Acquire more books for students to borrow
    • Invite guest speakers to give talks on environmental protection for students, staff and parents
    • Participate in external’s organized environmental activities