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Our school believes that having equal opportunity helps students exert their potential to the maximum and prepares them for integration and serving in the community. The school’s strategy is to set off with the basic beliefs of respect, trust, care, and optimism. We value every student‘s physical and intelligence needs. Our professional staffs works together to make an “Individual Learning Plan (ILP)” for each student.


Our school actively provides an ideal learning environment, curriculum and accommodations for physically handicapped and multiple disabled children to promote students' learning effectiveness. Moreover, our school emphasizes on students' personal growth and moral education. So, we implement “comprehensive guidance service.” We promote students’ growth through developmental and preventive activities. Our school deliberately provides opportunities for students to experience the spirit of democracy by being involved in determining the school's policies (such as class rules and school rules).


The home-school co-operation collaborates primarily through “Parent Staff Association” and “School's Advisory Committee” to let parents be involved in school governance discussions.


In the development of assistive technology and auxiliary communication, our school continuously seeks breakthrough and additional resources for the purpose of strengthening the students' physical development, to break through barriers and to have self-affirmation. Our school actively interacts with the community and became a “special needs school and resource center” to provide professional support for integrated students who are enrolled in mainstream schools.


Adopted “professions’ cooperation model” to let students learn enjoyably and grow healthily.