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School has 2 full time, 2 half time registered nurses and 1 personal care worker. School nurse scope of work can be divided into routine and contingencies. In addition to provide suitable and continue treatment care for individual students and care, but also for some students can adapt to living independently in the future, need to develop rehabilitation program, so that they can adapt to different environments of care on their own. In addition the school nurse will keep in touch with the Department of Health to ensure that students can be involved in primary care. In terms of dealing emergencies, the school nurse shall immediately assess the situation, give proper treatment, when necessary refer cases to the relevant medical advices.


Through the trans-disciplinary team approach, school nurse and other departments concerned about campus safety, health, infectious disease prevention and health promotion, together to make the students happily learning in a safe and healthy environment.


School Nursing Department services including:

  • Baseline assessment:

    Every newly enrolled student will have the baseline assessment to determine the nursing progress required by students. Care plan for the student will change according to their health condition.

  • Nursing care for our students

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Hand washing health education

Wound management



Body temperature assessment before entering school campus

Vital sign assessment


  • Training
    School Nurse selected those who need nursing procedure to train them independently for different situations and environment. The aim is to strengthen their autonomy in the future and more easily adapt into the community.


Students are taking self administration medication


  • Health promotion
    School nursing through cooperation with the teaching“healthy school”group participationorganized by Department of health every year, "a territory-wide school fruit day", "healthy schools" held on campus in the past, "one spy too many fruits", "breakfast menu planning" and "healthy afternoon meal" spectrum of activities, such as health messages into life.

Eating fruits after lunch in school

  • Links with other agencies to provide primary health care service
    Each academic year schools are coordinated by the Department of health and non government organization to take children to the primary health care services. Included: school health services, the school dental care service and various kinds of vaccinations, provide primary health care services for school-age students.