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(A) Strength


We have 3.5 registered social workers with the ranks of assistant social work officer or senior social work assistant.



(B) Scope of services provided:


i) Individual counseling — to provide individual counseling services to students and parents


ii) Referral services — to refer students or families to various services that will meet their particular needs; such as finance, housing, family services and/or post-education placements, etc.


iii) Group work — to provide treatment or therapeutic groups, workshops, lectures and/or camping programs within a group setting, in order to deal with common developmental tasks


iv) School Committees — to participate and help in various school working committees such as Sex Education, Sister Schools Schemes, Counseling and Disciplinary, Careers and Further Education Guidance, Students’ Activities, S.6 Enrichment Programs, School Bulletin, Adventure-based Counseling, UAP, PATHs, School Buses, Parent-Teacher Association and Alumni Association, etc.